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JJ MAFS Katie Price relationship

Guys, Katie Price and JJ from MAFS UK have confirmed they’re in a relationship together

She started messaging him after spotting him on MAFS

This is not a drill, I repeat this is not a drill. JJ from MAFS UK and Katie Price confirmed their relationship over the weekend when the two were seen cosying up together at Bobby’s Bar in Newcastle.

Katie Price and the MAFS UK star were spotted by onlookers holding hands and kissing at the intimate venue, and last week JJ was seen supporting Katie at one of her pantomime shows.

Katie Price first spotted JJ when she was watching MAFS UK and clearly liked what she saw! Katie announced her break up with her fiance Carl Woods on New Year’s Eve, and less than one month after she’s already moved on with JJ.

A source told The Sun: “They’ve met a few times and are texting each other constantly. She’s really into him – this is the first man she’s actually been interested in since Carl.”

Katie’s friend Kerry is also on hand to make sure she’s not rushing into a new relationship too soon.

A source told Closer magazine: “In the past, when she’s been single, Katie has been known to go a bit wild as a bit of a coping mechanism, so pals are hoping she won’t be heading into trouble again. Kerry has really been encouraging Katie to slow down a bit and look after herself.

“Katie leans quite heavily on Kerry for support and guidance, and Kerry wants to help Katie continue to turn her life around this year. Katie had some low moments in 2023 and it’s heartbreaking that she doesn’t seem able to move on.”

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