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Mitch accidentally posted a HUGE spoiler that proves Jayden and Eden are still together

Who knew a dog could reveal so much?!

Oops, Mitch seems to have accidentally posted a massive spoiler that shows his brother Jayden and his wife Eden are still together after MAFS Australia. And it involves a dog because of course it does.

Mitch posted the picture back in October, but the post is still on his Instagram and fans are convinced it means Jayden and Eden decided to remain a couple after MAFS Australia finished filming. And to be honest I’m pretty convinced now too.

Mitch posted this cute picture of a dog, and at first, everything seems completely normal and spoiler free right? Well, this isn’t actually the original post.

Photo of Cub and (redacted)
byu/mamaofgremlin inMAFS_AU

The original post had the caption: “Chilling it with my good pal, Cub.” And guess what the name of Eden’s dog is? That’s right, Cub.

And as MAFS Australia filming finished in July, fans are convinced that the fact Mitch was hanging out with Eden’s dog is a pretty sure indication that Eden and Jaden are still actually together.

Mitch obviously changed the caption soon after to remove the dog’s name, and claimed in the comments it was just his friend’s dog, but c’mon Mitch it is literally the same dog – same breed, same name and even has the same red collar. There’s no doubt in my mind it’s Eden’s dog.

On MAFS Australia Eden and Jaden are currently on their honeymoon, with fans absolutely loving their adorable relationship, and by the looks of it we can expect them to be in it for the long haul!

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