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Lancaster University’s partnership aims to develop cyber skills in the region

Lancaster University team up with IN4 Group to develop the cyber skill industry

Lancaster University has announced that it will collaborate with IN4 Group to provide young people with the opportunity to excel and to improve their technology skills.

This collaboration will be through CyberFirst programmes and IN4 Group’s Skills City Division, which is one of the UK’s largest digital Skills Bootcamps operations.

This recent partnership aims to secure investments in North West towns, and ultimately develop and advance young people’s technology skills as well as their opportunities to learn more about the cyber sector.

The National Cyber Security Centre recognised Lancaster University’s education, research, and training, and only a few other Universities alongside this. The university also recently announced a £19 million investment into Security and Protection Science. This investment will include recruiting new staff, including 33 new cross-disciplinary academics, 15 professors in practice, and 10 support staff.

Mo Isap, the CEO of IN4 Group, said: “We need to urgently level the playing field to reach every single young person in every single conurbation, in every single town, in every single ward, and every single street to give them this opportunity to learn better with tech and have a clear pathway to achieving a career in tech”.

The Vice-Chancellor at Lancaster University, Professor Andy Schofield, said: “Through this partnership, we aim to share our expertise in all aspects of cyber research, teaching, and training with our communities and work to promote the cyber sector as a career choice to a range of people who may not have considered it.”

Lancaster University is a well-established University and is triple accredited for excellence in cyber education and research across the board. The partnership with Lancaster University will assist in creating cyber jobs in the region and help teach additional skills to employed adults within this industry. The university hopes that this will cement their position at the heart of the North West Cyber Corridor.

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