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Laura is ‘no longer friends’ with JJ after he ghosted her amid Katie Price romance

She had to hear about their relationship ‘through the press’

Despite their previous close friendship, and even romance rumours, Laura from MAFS UK has confirmed she and JJ are “no longer friends” amid his romance with Katie Price.

MAFS UK bride Laura revealed to The Mirror that up until recently she and JJ were still very close, but since he started his relationship with Katie Price he has ignored her. Now, Married At First Sight star Laura Vaughan, 34, has revealed that she was still very close with JJ up until “recently.”

Laura admitted that she “doesn’t really know anything” about their romance. She said: “I’ve not heard anything from JJ about it. I had to find out through the press. I tried to message him but haven’t heard anything back from him about it.

“If they are a couple, then that’s great. I hope they’re both happy with one another. I’m really good friends with Ella, Tasha and Shona, and I regularly speak to Arthur. I was friends with JJ up until recently,” she added.

JJ and Katie Price confirmed their relationship over the weekend when they were seen cosying up together at Bobby’s Bar in Newcastle. Onlookers spotted them holding hands and kissing at the intimate venue, and last week JJ was seen supporting Katie at one of her pantomime shows.

And Laura isn’t the only MAFS UK alumni with an issue between the relationship of Katie Price and JJ, as Ella is reportedly “fuming and feels betrayed.” She has recently become friends with Katie Price and believes she has “broken girl code” by now dating her ex.

A source told The Sun: “Ella is fuming and feels really betrayed by Katie for talking to her ex JJ. Ella and Katie have become friends over recent months, so it surprised her that Katie would do that. She doesn’t have any feelings for JJ, she’s just livid that Katie went behind her back and broke girl code.”

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