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This is what your favourite Formula 1 team says about your overall vibe

Now the seasons starting again who are you putting your faith in for 2024?

With the Formula 1 season returning in a matter of weeks, and the impending car launches, we can’t help but think about those teams we favour and certain national anthems we could do without hearing for a few years. So whether you’re excited, or panicking about the impending silly season (Hamilton fans, how you doing?), here is what the team you support says about you.

1. Red Bull Racing

I can never tell if Red Bull have gained or lost supporters over the last few years, they’ve had an insane three years, but if we go back to the glory days of Sebastian Vettel in 2010, the fans were roaring. If you stuck with them since then, I respect you, you fight for your team and you will never get sick of hearing the Austrian national anthem. So if you’re big on Red Bull you’ve either been an F1 fan for most of your life or you just like winning.

2. Mercedes

Now if you’re a Merc supporter, the likelihood of you being British comes in at around 94.5%. With the Brit boys making up their team and the infamous 7 ( or 8) time world champion behind the wheel, you’re into the classics if you support these guys. The consistency of Mercedes over the last few years has sadly fallen down since 2021 (touchy subject, I know) but we hope to see them closing the gap soon.

3. Ferrari

Now talking about Ferrari is always a sensitive topic. They are a cult classic, and in the words of Enzo Ferrari himself “Ask a child to draw a car, and certainly he will draw it. red.”. But sadly, they haven’t been living up to that iconic name, with ‘il Predestinato’ and ‘Chilli man’ himself, they have one of the stronger driver line ups, which is potentially getting even stronger in 2025 with a crazy move from Hamilton. Yet their consistency with the car is not there, so I hate to say it, but if you are a Ferrari fan you live in a pool of disappointment.

4. Mclaren

I feel like everyone has a soft spot for McLaren, and even in the midst of all the Danny Ric drama, you can’t help but love Lando. With the newer addition of Piastri, they’ve got a brilliant line up, especially considering how he performed in his rookie season. But with McLaren being one of the eldest teams in formula one, if you’re supporting them, likelihood is that you’re pretty easy going and you love a good race (specifically Monza 2021).

5. Aston Martin

Ok if your favourite team is Aston, you’re either oldddd (sorry), a nepo baby, or my housemate after watching the final lap of the 2023 Brazilian GP. In his first season at Aston, Alonso had his most successful season since breaking out of retirement with 8 podiums, sadly his teammate didn’t quite live up to expectations with no podium all season.

6. Alpine

If you support Alpine, I’m sorry but you’re French. That’s it. You’re French (or you want to know about the tripod idea) and there’s not much more to say about it. French team, two French drivers, and a lot of baguettes.

7. Williams

Now, this is the real classic team in F1, with the second most overall championships in the history of F1, Williams has undergone a few big changes over the years. One of the main ones being their driver line up with the only American driver on the grid and their better half Alex Albon. Williams supporters are faithfuls to their teams, through and through, recents years have been rough but they’re on an upwards trajectory and we’ve got high hopes for the upcoming season.

8. Alpha Tauri/VisaCashAppRB

Let’s start with the elephant in the room, the name change. VisaCashAppRB as they now go by have one of my favourite pairings as their line up. Tsunoda and Riccardo have grown so much as drivers and the Honey Badger himself was given a second lease of life when he was offered this seat following Silverstone 2023. With a few pretty decent performances, they have good prospects and hopefully they’ll continue to improve for the year to come. If you support these guys you’re probably part of RicNation or you like a bit of an underdog.

9. Alpha Romeo/Stake

I can’t say I’ve ever met anyone who actively supported Stake I have to say. Bottas and Zhou are a brilliant team, and yet they often fly under the radar, go undetected if you will. The last time I remember this team being truly focused on was Zhou’s 2022 crash at Silverstone Circuit. Similarly, the supporters of this team are here for the underdogs, those who are comfortable in their performance, but put these guys in a faster car and it’s a guarantee they’re top 5.

10. Haas

I’m convinced no one supports these guys for the drivers. Haas’ fanbase was solely based on the icon that was their team principle aka Gunther Steiner, but now that he’s gone I really don’t know who’s going to sit there and actively support them. Finishing in the bottom three for the last four years didn’t suit them, but new management means new tactics so hopefully a wave of new fans will appear in the coming years.

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