‘A very very tall campus duck’: Tribute to Long Boi made at University of York graduation

A collective murmur of admiration was heard in remembrance of the King of Campus West

A tribute to Long Boi was made during a University of York graduation ceremony this week.

Students attending their graduation witnessed a speech dedicated to the famous campus duck, which brought a murmur of admiration across the audience.

Photos of his longness were displayed on screens, while a university staff member spoke about his legacy on stage.


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The moment was shared online by TikToker @blackaccessyork, where a collective “Aww” could be heard from the audience as the beloved duck appeared on the screens, followed by a few laughs as the university staff described Long Boi as a “very very tall campus duck”.

With text reading “Graduation? Nah. Long Boi.”, the caption of the TikTok video joked “Who needs a degree when you have a duck?”.

This gesture comes after the famous campus duck passed away last May, an icon amongst both York staff and students alike.

Since his passing, theories rose that he had returned after a similar long duck was spotted on campus, but it was later discovered that this was not Long Boi but a different tall duck.

The love for Long Boi among staff and students at the University of York was also reflected in the £5,500 raised by students towards building a Long Boi statue, as confirmed in August 2023. As well as this tribute, Long Boi merchandise such as coasters, hot water bottles, scarves, hats, mugs, and even hoodies, are sold by the university and by YUSU.

It’s safe to say that the King of Campus West will remain an integral part of the University of York for the forseeable future and rightly so.

Featured image via TikTok @blackaccessyork 

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