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Bronte from MAFS Australia reveals the eye-watering amount of money she makes on OnlyFans

She makes six figures in just three days

Out of all the things the MAFS Australia cast can do after they leave the experiment, OnlyFans seems to be one of the most lucrative, and former bride Bronte has revealed the outrageous amount of money she earns on the platform.

Bronte set up her OnlyFans last year after MAFS Australia and made an insane $100,000 on the platform in just three days. The platform is still as successful as ever for her as she told Yahoo how the earnings from her OnlyFans have entirely funded her new business.

Last year Bronte revealed she made a staggering $100,000 after only three days on the platform, and now she’s revealed that OnlyFans has funded her new business.

Bronte explained: “The money is freaking great. My first month, my account did $250,000, it was insanity and I was hardly even posting on there.

“It’s the freedom I’ve always wanted and it’s not what everyone thinks it is. I get photos of people wanting to see my belly button or my feet. You don’t have to sell yourself completely to make money.”

And whilst Bronte doesn’t intend for her OnlyFans account to be her only source of income, it’s allowed the MAFS star to start her own swimwear label. She said: “It’s never been something that I wanted to do full-time. It’s funded my new business, so now that I’ve got my swimwear label with my best friend Lauren, that’s something that’s been a dream of mine for pretty much most of my twenties.

“If you can accept and get through the backlash of being on OnlyFans you can get through anything. It’s $700 for my belly button, I’m like, that’s rent paid!”

As for the inspiration for why she started OnlyFans, Bronte was actually encouraged to join the platform by her parents of all people!

“My parents were the ones who told me to do it!” she explained. “They’re like, with the housing crisis and everything that’s going on at the moment, the way to get ahead is to be doing something like this… so many reality stars do it, so many celebrities do it and they make really good money and set themselves up.

“My mum was like ‘Bronte, you’re not gonna have this body and you’re not gonna look like this forever’. So she goes, ‘If I was your age and I needed to make some money in a year I’d do it.'”

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