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Omg, MAFS UK expert Paul Brunson reveals why he thinks Katie and JJ are a ‘good match’

But also spoke about one aspect of their relationship that could lead to their ‘downfall’

Everyone stop what you’re doing because Paul C Brunson the MAFS UK expert has given his verdict on the relationship between Katie Price and JJ.

Paul Brunson previously worked with Katie when she appeared on Celebs Go Dating alongside her previous partner Kris Boyson. In an interview with The Mirror, Paul Brunson revealed the aspects of the relationship between JJ from MAFS UK and Katie Price that he thinks make them a ‘good match,’ as well as what could lead to their ‘downfall.’

Paul appreciated Katie’s good nature and her willingness to be open and honest about conflicts in her relationship. He said: “Katie was signed up for Celebs Go Dating a couple of years ago with her ex-partner Kris at the time because we were doing a segment on couple’s counselling.

“I got a chance to meet Katie and we did a coaching session or too, and I really, really, like her. I see what so many people see in her – she’s someone who is trying to get the most out of life and she has such a positive nature.

“There’s no denying that she has a lot of demons which she has openly spoken about down through the years, and she’s been through a lot. One thing about Katie, she still shows up and she fights despite it all. She’s a fighter.”

And this characteristic of Katie Price being a “fighter” is what Paul Brunson thinks makes her so similar to JJ who he feels had to fight a lot on MAFS UK. Paul explained: “What’s interesting about JJ is, he’s the exact same – he’s a fighter. He’s someone who is being constantly talked down to or he’s someone who people try to dismiss.

“He still shows up and he normally shows up with a smile on his face. One thing that JJ and Katie have in common is that they are both so resilient and resilience is one of the key characteristics that makes a strong relationship.”

However, Paul also discussed an aspect of the pair’s relationship that he feels could cause their “downfall.” He said: “Age-gaps do mean quite a bit. Once you get ten years plus with an age-gap, it means that they could potentially be from different generations which could pose problems.

“Katie is Gen X and JJ is millennial, and people definitely show up differently in romantic relationships in this case.”

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