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Georges reveals he wants to fight Jordan in the ring and calls him a ‘rat,’ reigniting feud

Jordan slammed Georges for ‘running his mouth’

Uh oh, Jordan and Georges have well and truly reignited their MAFS UK feud in a pretty epic way.

Maze Magazine interviewed Jordan and Georges after Jordan’s winning boxing match and neither MAFS UK groom held back on their insults towards each other. When asked who he would want to fight out of his MAFS UK co-stars Georges replied “Jordan.” When asked why Jordan he replied, “Because he’s a kn*b.”

Georges continued: “He’s the only guy that that off camera and on camera are two different people. On camera, he’s a d*ckhead and he plays up to the cameras, off camera he’s actually one of the soundest cast members I’ve ever met. That is why I actually said when Luke dropped out I said ‘Ask the promoter because I’ll fight him.'”

Georges was then asked whether he and fellow MAFS UK groom Jordan are friends. Georges replied: “I mean no because he’s two different people on camera and off camera. So I don’t speak to him, I don’t spend time with him, he’s a fraud, he’s a rat.

“All these things are not what I want from a friend. He wouldn’t do anything for me whereas I’d bend over backwards for him. So he’s a fraudster.”

And Jordan was quick to respond after he revealed he would also choose to fight Georges out of everyone from the MAFS UK cast. He said:  “Georges runs his mouth, he likes to say stuff that’s a load bullsh*t .” Erica chimed in saying that he “likes to talk the talk but the boy can’t walk the walk.”

Jordan continued insulting Georges saying: “But I think he’s he’s too fat, I think he has to lose like four stones to fight me. He’s probably 20 kg too heavy for me so he needs to lose his beer belly.”

Erica explained she and Jordan have some “beef” with Georges before Jordan continued. “I want to fight Luke first but if Luke’s not brave enough and Georges is, but he’s probably not, if he’s willing to lose some pounds and lose his beer belly then I’ll fight him.”

Safe to say these two are definitely not friends. Bring on the next boxing match!

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