A body language expert thinks Callum and Molly have ‘strong, unbreakable chemistry’ together

This only further feeds my delusions

At this point, all I want is for Callum and Molly to get back together on Love Island: All Stars, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. From glances to sly smirks, you can’t tell me there are not at least some feelings remaining there between the two of them.

But to only prove my point (and feed into my delusions) a professional body language expert has now given his opinion on the chemistry between Callum and Molly on Love Island, saying it’s “strong and unbreakable.”

Speaking to OK! body language expert Darren Stanton has revealed his thoughts on what all those little interactions between the two exes’ really mean.

Speaking on behalf of Spin Genie, Darren said: “When we saw Molly and Callum’s interactions with each other during the heart rate challenge, the level of eye contact was a lot more intense than in other couples. It was prolonged and very strong, which tells us they still have a strong, unbreakable chemistry with one another.”

He continued: “When Molly was dancing for Tom, it was quite distanced and it wasn’t on the same level of intensity as her interaction with Callum. We saw a lot more excitement and passion between Molly and Callum when either of them were performing.

“Their movements and touches were more relaxed when it was with the two of them. It’s clear this level of affection still comes naturally to them.”

Darren went on to give his thoughts on the Love Island: All Stars scene which saw Molly and Callum making breakfast for their respective partners.

He said: “When Molly and Callum were in the kitchen together, the level of flirtation between them was very strong. They were standing close to each other, laughing together, and having a close interaction. These are all signs that they’re into each other romantically.

Callum made the effort to be near Molly, so it’s clear he’s trying to initiate something here. It’s going to be interesting to see how their connection develops over the rest of the series, but I definitely believe there is something there between them.”

I chronically need these two back together.

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