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Omg, Peggy and Georges from MAFS UK have broken up

Peggy is absolutely ‘heartbroken’

THIS IS NOT A DRILL. I REPEAT THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Peggy and Georges from MAFS UK have broken up and I no longer believe in love.

Despite them both talking about marriage and children just last week Peggy confirmed via her Instagram story that the two had broken up.

Via Instagram

Peggy said: “I’m so sorry I’ve been quiet on socials everybody but there’s a reason for my silence. Me and Georges are no longer together and I’m absolutely heartbroken.

“It’s affected my mental health and it’s taken me weeks to come to terms with it but with it being Valentine’s Day, I can’t pretend I’m okay.

“Thanks to everyone who has supported us and our journey, nobody is more upset about it than me.”

Peggy and Georges both still follow each other on Instagram and the pictures of their MAFS UK wedding are still on their socials. Georges has not made a statement yet.

Just last week Peggy and Georges did an interview with Closer Magazine, where the two revealed their exciting plans for the future. Georges explained: “The plan is to have children. Obviously, we’ve got to stay together, move in together and get engaged. She lives at home, I live at mine. I’d have her move in with me but she has so much stuff!”

Absolutely devastated.

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