Why being a single student in Manchester this Valentine’s Day isn’t the end of the world

If this is Ed Westwick reading: It is the end of the world

After a professional career on Hinge while in first and second year (which might I add – failed), it’s safe to say that I am the most single I have ever been in my whole life. I dread the doom scroll on Valentine’s Day, and if I see anyone soft launching to “My Love” by Mitski- you will be getting blocked.

soft launch- ick

Studies show that 62 per cent of Manchester students meet their romantic partner while at uni, and this may seem disheartening while you’re watching “One Day” with a bag of popcorn while all your housemates are out on cute cocktail dates with their partners, it is time to accept that it’s a blessing in disguise. Here with all my very limited wisdom, I have proposed to you why being a single student this Valentine’s Day, is in fact not the end of the world.

1. You don’t have to pay for a V Day date

Get in. Spend that money on something for you. They definitely put the price up in restaurants on Valentines day anyway. I’d choose a takeaway with my other single housemates over cocktails at 20 Stories any day of the week (cries in single).

2. You can invest every second into you!

Instead of crying in single, try something new! Yoga, hockey or writing for The Tab – these are those golden years to spend on you! Enjoy it while you can, before we all have to work like dogs to pay our student loans off for the rest of our lives.

3. Romanticise your life

Spend £6 on that coffee. Walk round Northern Quarter listening to “The Cranberries” feeling like the It girl that you are. This may be easier said than done when I have to romanticise the walk through Piccadilly Gardens.

4. Zero drama

Well, not zero if the “who the hell has eaten my cheese?” text is anything to go by in my house group chat.

No relationship drama is always good, so count yourself lucky you don’t have to deal with the arguments with your significant other.

5. Friends first

I have never had better relationships with my friends since being single at uni (which may be a me/ my ex-partners problem). Spend the day with the girls, paint some wine glasses and sing your heart out to Adele.

Or, if you’re brave enough to hit the town on the night, wearing blinkers to avoid those in love, grab a glass of Rosé in your favourite bar and end it how all good nights end, in karaoke embracing your pals.

6. Single girls have more fun

FOR REAL. Go to 256 (or your own favourite, depending on if you have grown out of hearing the same 2000’s tunes on repeat every week*), own it and regret everything in the morning.

*please never change, I love you.

These haven’t helped?

Stop scrolling Hinge and read: “Dear Dolly” by Dolly Alderton, watch Fleabag, and exclusively listen to:

  • Murder on the dance floor- Sophie Ellis- Bextor
  • I’m every woman- Chaka Khan
  • Plan B- Megan Thee Stallion
  • Irreplaceable- Beyonce
  • Karma- Taylor Swift
  • Cruel Summer- Taylor Swift
  • Promiscous- Nelly Furtado

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