Rebecca Murphy

Co-editor-in-chief at the Manchester Tab

Rebecca Murphy
Bournemouth University

Guides, fashion, hot topics, uni life, campus lifestyle, student culture, opinion, University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University

  • Rebecca is currently the co-editor-in chief of The Manchester Tab, where she is responsible for overseeing a team of section editors and a team of writers as well as producing articles and social media content for the site.
  • Rebecca is passionate about breaking important student news, as well as covering student scoops and opinion.
  • In her spare time, Rebecca volunteers for an educational equality charity, as well as enjoying travel and live music.


Rebecca joined The Manchester Tab in 2022 as a student contributor, before going on to become the Co-editor in Chief in the summer of 2023.


Rebecca is currently on a professional experience year working in a secondary school in the Northwest with year 11, before completing her final year in a BA social sciences degree (politics and sociology.)


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