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Warnings issued in Manchester after circulation of super strength MDMA pills

Drug harm reduction resource MANDRAKE has tested pills with extremely high doses of MDMA

Manchester Metropolitan University based drug harm reduction resource MANDRAKE has released a warning surrounding high-strength ecstasy pills currently circulating in Manchester. The pills, which go by the name of the “Silver Punisher” and “M5 competition” were tested at the Manchester-based labs this week, leading to warnings being issued this week.

Mixmax explain how MANDRAKE has hosted testing facilities on-site at The Warehouse Project since 2013, and works to warn its attendees of potentially dangerous substance. The organisation returned to The Warehouse Project at the beginning of its opening season on Saturday 23rd September, and is providing harm reduction services at several events.

The “Silver Punisher” pills contained on average an MDMA content of 252mg/pill, making them two and a half times stronger than the average pill, while the “M5 Competition” embossed tablets were confirmed yesterday afternoon to contain 252/276 mg/tablet, making these two and a half to three times stronger than the common oral dose circulating in Manchester.

Manchester based event The Warehouse Project continues their partnership WHP x W.E.L.SAFE  which provides “confidential, non- judgemental and trained advice on alcohol, drugs, mental health and sexual health.”

The Warehouse Project website states it “does not condone the use of illegal substances”, however provide “on-site drug testing” which tests purity and contents of drugs.

It also shares information of safety messages through social media and their app, which become notifications on your phone.

Moreover, The Warehouse Project advice states to “take regular breaks from dancing, chill out, cool down and head to our free drinking water points located at the bar”.