Manchester students bought hot tub to stay warm after heating had been broken for weeks

One tenant was forced to temporarily move out of the property due to damp and mould

A group of Manchester students bought a hot tub to combat the cold after their student house was left without heating for weeks.

Fashion student, Anya Whelan, explained how she was forced to move out of her shared student property following the issue last November.

She told The Manchester Tab how she and her housemates bought the tub as a way to keep warm throughout the winter months.

After their heating broke in November last year, Anya contacted her landlords to notify them and get it fixed. But waiting weeks without action, Anya and her housemates decided a hot tub would do the job until the heating was eventually fixed. She said: “Back in November, our heating had been broken for a couple of weeks so we all just decided to buy an inflatable hot tub.”

Writing on social media, Anya joked:”Our landlords wont fix out heating so [we] bought a hot tub on Groupon.”


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The temperatures had dropped so low in the Fallowfield property that it was possible to see hers and her housemates breaths.

Setting it up in the yard of their student property, they installed all the necessary equipment to run the tub but Anya explained how they had to overcome the obstacle of not having access to a hose pipe.

“We didn’t own a hosepipe so we filled it up using our shower out of the upstairs window with a long cardboard tube.”

The students managed to transport water down into the tub by feeding a long cardboard tube through their upstairs bathroom window. They even added some extra accessories, including fairy lights.

The cardboard tube the students fed through the bathroom window

Anya explained that the heating in her student property was repaired shortly after the hot tub was purchased, but that it still got plenty of use. She was also instructed by her landlord to keep her room ventilated in order to combat the damp, meaning it was still cold inside despite the heating being fixed.

She said: “[The heating] was fixed shortly after the purchase but because my room has so much mould in it, I have to keep my windows open 24/7. So I enjoyed getting in the hot tub.”

The damages to her room from the cold weather were so bad that Anya was forced to move out of the property and live with a friend whilst repairs were made. She also had to leave her plants in one of the bathrooms in the property in order to keep them alive.

She said: “So I had to move all my stuff into the bathroom and stay with my friend whilst they fixed it.”

Anya’s belongings in the bathroom due to the extend of mould and damp in her bedroom

Eventually, Anya moved back into her room but explained that her wall is still yet to be painted after being stripped to plaster during the repairs. She said: “And this all happened a few months ago and still to this day they haven’t painted over the work they did in my room so my bedroom wall [is unfinished].”