Everything Jack O’Connell has been up to since breaking all our hearts as Cook in Skins

He’s now starring in the new Amy Winehouse biopic Back To Black

Whether you were Team Cook or Team Freddie, Jack O’Connell has had a place in the hearts of many since we all watched Skins, probably far too young for some of the story lines. Jack’s breakout success was at only 17, where he played Cook in seasons three and four of Skins. Cook was one of the characters who defined Skins, he perfectly portrayed the essence of a bad boy who doesn’t quite know what he wants – which was so obviously Effy!

Jack is now the co-star in the new celebration of Amy Winehouse’s life Back to Black, playing the role of Blake Fielder-Civil. Fans have been taking to social media to share their opinions, with one saying on Twitter/X: Jack O’Connell playing Blake Civil is such perfect casting. I can’t wait to watch Back to Black.” However, it seems that the teenage crushes haven’t moved on, as some are still focused on Jack as a heart-throb, with one fan saying “Jack O’Connell – fittest man on earth.” So since being on Skins, and now starring in Back to Black, what else has Jack O’Connell been up to?

Dating co-star Kaya Scodelario

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After all, it clearly was team Cook rather than Team Freddie. Kaya and Jack dated through the third series of Skins in 2007 and were together for a year and a half before an amicable break up. Kaya told the Telegraph: “It was everything to me at the time. Everything’s a first, isn’t it?”

Getting a call from Angelina Jolie

jack o'connell since skins

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After all the Skin’s madness had died down, Jack was called by Angelina Jolie in 2014 who wanted to meet him, and cast him in the new film she was directing, Unbroken.

Jack was cast by Angelina as the lead, playing Louis Zamperini. For his role he was nominated and even won awards, such as the 2014 winner of the New Hollywood Award.

He said that during his time working with Angelina, there were many lessons she taught him which he looks upon to take into the rest of his career. And, Angelia even learnt things from Jack as well, most notably the East Midland’s phrase “ey up duck”. Invaluable.

Receiving an honorary degree

Jack received an honorary degree from his hometown uni, The University of Derby, in 2018, becoming an honorary Master of the Arts. The university chooses notable people with connections to the city for honorary degrees each year.

A rather steamy feature in Lady Chatterley’s Lover

jack o'connell since skins

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Probably not one to watch with your parents. More recently, Jack played Oliver Mellors in the 2022 Netflix adaptation of Lady Chatterley’s Lover alongside Emma Corrin. Emma played Lady Constance Chatterly, where she finds herself having a deep emotional and physical connection with gamekeeper Oliver Mellors when she has a soured and sexless marriage with her husband.

Loved up with girlfriend Imogen Coates

More recently, Jack O’Connell has been seen with hairstylist girlfriend Imogen Coates. The couple were spotted cuddled up in pictures taken by paparazzi in London and Ibiza in 2023. There’s no confirmation that they’re still together, so girls we may still have a chance.

Becoming a divided figure in Back to Black

Jack’s latest project is playing arguably the most divided figure in the new film adaptation of  Amy Winehouse’s life Back to Black, Amy’s ex-husband, Blake Fielder-Civil.

He has found himself defending the biopic, after criticism when the film was announced last year that the project was “ridiculous” and “tasteless” as it was made so soon after her death.

Jack told The Times: “What is that acceptable timescale of that? Put it like this: if we were trying to portray her in any form of negative light, then that might be a valid point and I can understand one or two people pre-empting that.

“But if you talk to Sam [Taylor-Johnson, the director] we’re not even calling this a biopic, it’s a celebration. I can get with that.”

Jack even went to meet Amy’s ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil, in what he called an attempt to reassure him that the film was not a scandal driven tabloid, but something which would be handled with respect and earnest. He told Esquire that originally Blake was wary of meeting him, although by the end of the conversation he had defrosted. Jack said it was just like “two lads hanging out”, with them discussing which football teams they support and Blake even played Jack some of Amy Winehouse’s favourite music.

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