Planning application submitted for redevelopment of Fallowfield campus

The plans include redevelopment of Owens Park, Woolton Hall and Oak House

This week plans have been submitted to Manchester City Council for a complete redevelopment of some of the Fallowfield accommodation campus.

The proposal looks to increase capacity on the Fallowfield campus to meet demand for more student bedrooms.

The proposal plans to replace the older accommodations including Oak House, Owens Park and Woolton Hall with 3,300 modern bed spaces for students at The University of Manchester.

Image via Fallowfield redevelopment project

The redevelopment would increase capacity on the campus up to 5,400 bedrooms, increasing the current number by 950.

The university’s Fallowfield Campus Redevelopment Project says its goal is to “provide students with greater choice, helping to meet demand for high-quality, modern bedrooms across the popular campus.”

Simon Merrywest, Director of Student Experience, states that “As the largest academic institution in the city, it is important that we deliver high-quality purpose-built rooms that can match the status and profile of the university reputation nationally and globally.”

The university also claims it will continue to offer a range of different priced and typed accommodations to accommodate the diversity of students.

Ahead of redevelopment, there were also a number of enabling works:

  • An upgrade of Oak House communal areas which were made before the 23/24 academic year, until a full redevelopment will be undertaken at a later date
  • The relocation of the Fallowfield Campus reception which was before located in Owens Park
  • Readying Owens Park for future development by putting up hoardings

The current work was undertaken in the summer of 2023 and the university states that “no demolition work would be commencing prior to the current residents on the wider Fallowfield Campus moving out.”

Consultation feedback from the wider Fallowfield community and more information can be found here.

Featured image from Fallowfield Campus Redevelopment Project

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