Nicola Coughlan favourite shows

Married at First Sight to Love Island: All of Nicola Coughlan’s favourite TV shows

She’s truly just like us

As we all eagerly wait for part two of Bridgerton season three, no spoilers but I am on the edge of my seat waiting to see the fate of Polin, Nicola Coughlan is the actress that everyone is obsessed with right now. From Barbie to Bridgerton, and definitely not forgetting Derry Girls, Nicola has won our hearts in all her roles. She may have been shot into super stardom but she’s still super down earth which is no more apparent than in her favourite TV shows.

More recently, she has been hanging out with A list celebs, and making friends with Kim Kardashian after Kim slid into her DMs! However, when it comes to TV, Nicola seems to be just like us, and has a few guilty pleasures when it comes to reality TV. These are all of Nicola Coughlan’s favourite TV shows, for you to watch whilst for you wait for the next Bridgerton drop.

Ru Paul’s Drag Race

Nicola shared her love for the show on social media in 2021 after being asked to be a guest judge.  She wrote on Instagram the day her episode aired that she has loved the show for 10 years, speaking on how it brought her joy in her saddest times.

Nicola said starring on Ru Paul’s was one of her biggest dreams as a megafan, and was something she mentioned to her agent in her first meeting.

Married at First Sight Australia

Nicola revealed in an interview that she is a religious watcher of MAFS Australia, the dating show where couples get married at first sight before exploring connections. In series 10, she shared that Tahnee Cook and Ollie Skelton were her favourite couple and called them “so cute”.

Queer Eye

A big fan of Queer Eye and now best friends with Jonathan van Ness Himself? A girl can dream.

Nicola and Jonathan became besties in the most unusual of ways – when Nicola posted a video to X showing herself in a jumper she had made with Jonathan’s face on and they have been really close ever since.

Love Island

Just like all of us, Nicola Coughlan has a soft sport for Love Island, and even used it as an analogy to explain Brexit to her followers. In 2019, she likened Great Britain’s exit from the EU to Love Island’s Michael’s return from Casa Amour with Joanna in anticipation of a re-coupling

She was also quick to show her support in 2021 when Tyler and Kaz went on a Bridgeton themed final date, reacting to it on X as “a huge moment for her”.

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