Nominations are now OPEN for Manchester’s ultimate BNOC 2024

Short for stuff on your CV? This is for you

As the end of the academic year creeps in, it feels like an appropriate time to try and identify who Manchester’s most iconic student is. There are countless worthy students; the one reoccurring character that you and all you friends have, the person who is always a mutual on Instagram, or the one always featured in the funniest stories from a night out.

If you are unsure what a BNOC is, it is the biggest name on campus. It might be that one friend you have that everyone knows? You try and walk from the bus stop to Blue 3 and they’re just swarmed with people they know, while you stand there twiddling your thumbs?

If you think either you, your housemate, you crush or someone you know who is a student in Manchester is fit for the title of Manchester’s ultimate BNOC, you can nominate them on the form bellow. All nominations are anonymous, so don’t hesitate to nominate yourself.

If your nomination has a reason, then include their worthy stories on the form below. We would love to know why your nomination deserves a crown.

You have until Monday 29th April to nominate your BNOC worthy pals. There will then be three to four rounds of voting with the top two from each round going through to the final. Make sure you keep an eye on our articles, Instagram, and TikTok so you don’t miss the chance to cast your vote for who you think the ultimate Manchester BNOC is.

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