Peggy Georges MAFS UK split

All the signs we missed that Georges and Peggy had secretly broken up

It was staring us in the face!

We were all shaken by the news yesterday that MAFS UK fan favourites Peggy and Georges had split up, especially as they both seemed so happy together.

But perhaps there were actually some subtle signs all along that the MAFS UK couple had decided to call it quits, so let’s break down all the evidence we missed that Georges and Peggy had secretly split.

Inactive YouTube channel

Alongside their joint Instagram account, Peggy and Georges set up a joint YouTube channel where they talked about their time on the show as well as their relationship. However, the last video posted on it was over three weeks ago despite them saying they would keep it regularly updated.

Peggy and Georges stopped posting on their MAFS UK Instagram account

Whilst their Team Geggy Instagram account has now sadly been deleted, both of them stopped posting on the account shortly after they returned from their trip to Paris. I need to know whether something happened on that trip!

No announcement of Valentine’s Day plans

Whilst the remaining MAFS UK couples were busy telling their followers exactly what they were planning for Valentine’s, Peggy and Georges both remained suspiciously quiet. Now we know it’s because they’d broken up. Instead, Georges told his followers that if they’re single they should go and work out in the gym – the signs were there all along!

Stopped attending events together

Via Instagram @ericarobertss_

Peggy attended a Valentine’s Debenhams event alone, and other events alone and wasn’t seen supporting Georges at his charity football match. And whilst they were both spotted at Jordan’s boxing match they weren’t pictured together and did separate interviews.

Although in Georges’ interview, he was gushing about how amazing Peggy is, so my bet is that they broke up after the boxing match which happened on the 9th.

Cryptic Instagram stories

Peggy Georges MAFS UK

Via Instagram

Peggy had been oddly quiet on social media, whilst on the morning of Valentine’s before they announced the split Georges posted some very cryptic Instagram stories about going through breakups, and that it’s “okay to fall apart.”

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