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‘Completely unacceptable’: LUSU respond to Dr Katie Alcock on gender neutral toilets

The senior lecturer made comments on X concerning gender neutral toilets at The Sugarhouse

LUSU has responded to comments made by Dr Katie Alcock, a senior lecturer from the psychology department at Lancaster University.

This is following a series of comments on X, formerly known as Twitter, made by Alcock concerning what she believes to be gender neutral toilets in The Sugarhouse.

Concerns were raised when Alcock said having gender neutral toilets means women would have “nowhere to go to get away from rapists”.

LUSU responded by rejecting the comments she’d made, stating there are 56 toilets in The Sugarhouse, and just five of these are gender neutral. The students’ union responded to Alcock’s use of an article from 2013, about a rape at The Sugarhouse: “Our hardworking staff and security personnel go to extraordinary lengths every time we open to make this a safe place for everyone attending.

“The suggestion that things have not changed since 2013 is deeply insulting to the many students and staff who work so hard week-in, week-out to make Sugar the fun, secure, supportive space that it is for all those who go there for a great night out”.

LUSU suggested Alcock does her research before taking to X, as security and wellbeing are a priority at The Sugarhouse.

The student officer team responded: “The Full Time Officers are appalled at the statements that have been made and unwaveringly believe that all students deserve to have dignity in every setting including in their student nightclub (which we are all incredibly proud of).

“Our Trans and Non-Binary community have our full support and our gender neutral toilets ensure that a night out at Sugar is a safe and comfortable experience for them.”

Following this, LUSU Chief Executive, Misbah Ashraf, said: “It is completely unacceptable for a Lancaster academic to make such ill-founded statements as this.

“If she had contacted me I could have listed the many, many things we do to make Sugarhouse safe. Dr Alcock should delete her tweets and apologise to the students and staff who work so hard at Sugar every night.”