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From breakups to baths: Here’s what every MAFS UK couple did for Valentine’s Day

I can’t believe JJ didn’t send Katie Price any flowers

For some of the remaining MAFS couples, love is well and truly in the air. Whilst for others it’s the perfect time to announce your breakup. Still, everyone expresses their love differently right? So, from breakups to baths here’s what every MAFS UK couple did to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Erica and Jordan

We stan Erica and Jordan in this household, and they definitely outdid all the other MAFS UK couples in terms of Valentine’s Day cuteness. Erica and Jordan traded cute cards, before going to the Everyman to watch the Bob Marley film One Love.

Instead of the usual stale popcorn, they had leftovers from PIGGS tapas restaurant in Edinburgh and once they headed home Erica gifted Jordan a canvas picture of his fight. Cute!

The pair had a boujee M&S ready meal for dinner complete with candles and roses, talk about putting all the other MAFS couples to shame!

They then snuggled up in bed to watch Making of a Murderer on Netflix, because it doesn’t get much more romantic than that, whilst drinking a cup of tea. Sounds absolutely idyllic to me.

Erica and Jordan previously exclusively revealed at a Debenham’s event: “We will be moving in together to our dream apartment on Valentine’s Day, if that’s not our move day we will be heading off to a lodge with a hot tub for a few days.” Sadly they announced on their Instagram that they had to push their move-in date back..

Georges and Peggy

Yeah, so I think we were all expecting some cute couples pics from Peggy and Georges this Valentine’s Day but instead, we’ve got a very messy MAFS breakup. Georges said he did send ‘Peggy “flowers, a card and balloons for Valentine’s” but when he checked his letterbox he had got “nothing” from her.

Erm, isn’t that what happens when you break up with someone though?

Tasha and Paul

Out of all of the MAFS UK couples still together Tasha and Paul remain the most elusive as they posted absolutely nothing. It’s giving on the rocks x

JJ and Katie Price

Via Instagram @katieprice

I don’t think anyone really knows what’s going on with these two, to be honest. But if they really are together then JJ needs to step up because Katie complained that the only gifts she’d received was from her friend. Get it together JJ!

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