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Thomas tells JJ to ‘have fun’ in new romance whilst Katie Price denies she has a boyfriend

I’m genuinely so confused

Okay, so despite reports that Katie Price and MAFS UK groom JJ are in a relationship and have been pictured holding hands and kissing, Katie has outright declared she “doesn’t have a boyfriend.” On top of this, Thomas says he’s actually met JJ and Katie Price together?! Consider me befuddled.

On her podcast, The Katie Price Show Katie cleared up her relationship status, saying: “Let me categorically say again … I do not have a boyfriend. A boyfriend is when you’re boyfriend, girlfriend.

“Now I’m not with Carl, just because I’m seen with a friend who’s a boy, a man, automatically, ‘ooh, we’re getting close. We’re together.’ If I was with a girl doing it, they don’t say it, do they?

“It’s just pathetic, I’m single and I can go and meet who I like, when I like and whoever I want to see with. Doesn’t mean to say I’m boyfriend and girlfriend, Jesus Christ. It really annoys me.”

Yeah, safe to say she doesn’t sound too chuffed.

Okay, so according to Katie she is very much not in a relationship with JJ. But then here’s the confusing part, in an interview with FUBAR Radio Thomas seemingly confirmed their relationship. He said: “I told him ‘Just have fun.’ I think it’s absolutely brilliant. I met Katie and she said, “I know you, you got well buff.” I think it’s obviously early days so they just need to see where it goes.”

At this point, the only person who can clear this up is JJ himself.

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