This Country: Take this quiz to find out if you’re more Kerry or Kurtan

The village idiots we all love

This Country first graced our screens in 2017 and has become one of the most iconic BBC comedies in the last decade. The main characters Kerry and Kurtan captured the hearts of the nation by being relatable village idiots that you weirdly are rooting for.

These cousins get up to absolute mischief and annoy the beloved village characters on a daily basis, yet we still keep coming back for more. Whether that’s by taking a scarecrow festival way too seriously, starting a pyramid scheme or looking for a long-lost primary school classmate Rob Robinson.

This witty smash hit comedy caught hearts of everyone, especially those from small villages, as they saw the random small-town characters in their lives reflected on screen. The mockumentary style adds to the realistic feel of the show and there is no wonder why it has earned itself five BAFTAs.

Kerry has become an icon by posing questions such as “why would you want to leave the village when we have a pub and a shop?”. She is supposedly hard as nails and has enemies everywhere even in Cerney Wick. Kurtan, on the other hand, can give out insults like no one I’ve ever heard, like calling Kerry and “unemotional slab of ham”.

This quiz below will help you find out if you’re more of a Kerry or a Kurtan so we can all pretend we are messing about in the countryside with no responsibilities for a while:

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