Love Island final dates

A look at the TRAGIC Love Island: All Stars final dates that all take place in the villa

Not a single yacht in sight, what is this??

We’ve come to expect a certain level of quality from the final Love Island dates, and at least one yacht. From gorgeous castles to supercars, it’s one of the best bits of the show and is usually pretty wholesome.

And with the Love Island: All Stars finale upon us, the pictures for the Islander’s final dates have been released and I’m sorry but what on earth is going on?! So, let’s look exactly at what the final dates are looking like for the cast of Love Island.

Molly and Tom


I’m sorry but this is absolutely wild. The Love Island team really said, we might not have the budget for a yacht so two pink inflatable flamingos will have to do. I don’t even have any words.

Josh and Sophie


How is this one somehow worse?! This shouldn’t even be considered a date, they’re literally just sitting by the pol with their feet in the water. I can only spot one drink as well, please don’t tell me they have to share a drink.

Toby and Georgia S


There’s clear favouritism from the Love Island producers as final dates go Toby and Georgia’s date somehow manages to look the best. It’s not a good look when sitting at a table 10 metres from your bedroom is considered the best date out of the bunch.

Anton and Georgia H


Not the sunbed date. I actually can’t anymore these are just too tragic to deal with.

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