Newcastle students forced to move into hotel for days after house was left without water

Megan and Kirsty were given £50 from their landlady to spend on food

A Newcastle student was forced to move into a hotel after her student house was left without water.

Megan Fryer was put up in Holiday Inn in Jesmond along with her housemate, Kirsty, after water began leaking into the walls in her rented accommodation.

Both final year students spent four days sharing a hotel room before moving back into their house.

Megan, a student at Northumbria University, shared a series of photos throughout their stay, including how their landlady booked their room and allocated £50 for them to spend on food at the hotel so they could “grab a pizza or two”.

via TikTok @meganfryer13

Water leaks in the student accommodation, via TikTok @meganfryer13

Located on the same road as their student house, the pair didn’t have to travel too far to reach the hotel, conveniently located on Jesmond Road.

via TikTok @meganfryer13

Unable to cook in their student property, they ate at the hotel’s restaurant, ordering a burger, wings and chips to share, before calculating how much money they had remaining from their allocated amount. Luckily, they were also able to order a dessert each, with Kirsty getting churos and Megan ordering what looked like a chocolate cheesecake. That’s not a bad night out if you ask me.

They also joked about being served tap water from a jug, a luxury they’d taken for granted until then.

During their stay, the pair utilised their access to running water, filling up two litre water bottles from their hotel room sink to take back to their student house so they were able to cook while the water was still off.

via TikTok @meganfryer13

Despite the inconvenience, the pair managed to see the positive side of the situation, ending their first night in their hotel room watching Waterloo Road, which Megan dubbed as “the best tv show of all time”. After four nights at the hotel, both students were able to move back into their house. If there ever was an indisputable excuse for a deadline extension then I think this is it.

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