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One Day: Inside the real life love lives of all the cast members

Forget the heartbreak and focus on Leo Woodall

Ok, since One Day dropped on Netflix last week we’ve all been obsessed; the ending put us through our paces and made many (myself included) sob. Emma and Dex’s 20-year romance was the perfect slow-burn friends-to-lovers arc that we all secretly crave and following some insane on-screen chemistry and well-perfected angsty acting skills, we sadly have to reveal that Leo Woodall and Ambika Mod are not together in real life. But after seeing the actors at their most intimate on the show, it’s only natural to have an interest in their real-life relationships, so here’s a deep dive into their romantic personal lives:

Leo Woodall – Dexter

Current Relationship Status: Taken

Bad news – Leo Woodall, who’s been stealing hearts left and right recently, is dating the gorgeous Meghann Fahy. The couple met on the Sicilian set of The White Lotus in February 2022 and rumour has it they were quickly infatuated with each other. They initially kept their relationship very casual, staying out of the public eye until they were spotted having a rain-soaked umbrella kiss in NYC last year (the perfect rom-com moment). A source told the Daily Mail that they are currently in the “shout it out on the rooftops phase of their relationship” and that they “really make each other smile” which is certainly evidenced by their cheeky interview banter and cute couple Instagram pics.

Ambika Mod – Emma

Current Relationship Status: Single?

In all honesty, we’re not entirely sure about Ambika’s relationship status. Whether she has a girlfriend or a boyfriend, we just don’t know. She keeps her private life very confidential and ensures that conversations related to her are always centred around her impressive professional life. On a slightly separate yet interesting note, Ambika Mod never thought she would play a romantic lead as in real life as she’s not particularly a believer in love. She’s said that she “never really thought of [herself] as a romantic fan” and that she’s “very cynical about that kind of stuff”.

Jonny Weldon – Ian

Current Relationship Status: Married

Jonny plays Ian in the show; an aspiring comedian who Emma first meets while reluctantly working at a Mexican Restaurant and goes on to become a long-term relationship for her. Jonny started dating his now-wife, Lucy Weldon, in December 2019 and they got married on the 25th March 2023. They seem adorable together and his grandad was even his best man at their wedding – very cute.

Eleanor Tomlinson – Sylvie

Current Relationship Status: Married

Eleanor plays Sylvie; Dexter’s first serious partner with a very Saltburn-coded family. Sylvie is another married cast member and is together with Will Owen; an English rugby union player who plays the flanker position. The pair went public on social media in February 2020 after she posted a picture of them together on Valentine’s Day and have been together ever since.

Amber Grappy – Tilly

Current Relationship Status: Completely unknown.

Amber Grappy plays Emma’s eternally upbeat and fun best mate; they meet at Uni and then Emma moves in with her for a few years when she moves to London later in the show. Amber has maintained complete silence concerning her personal life in the media, and this is exacerbated by her absence from Instagram which intensifies the mystery surrounding her romantic pursuits. While she is available on Twitter, she’s rarely on the platform and when she is it’s normally for political endeavours. She’s managed to notably avoid any past romantic entanglements with prominent figures in the industry, emphasising her desire to keep her professional and private life separate.

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