One Day

One Day: Every reason why Netflix’s series is way better than the 2011 film

2. Dex is actually likeable

Netflix’s new One Day series not only gives us much needed insight into Dex and Emma’s twenty year love story, but also emotionally destroys us far more than the 2011 film could dream of. The 14-episode show builds up a beautiful, complex, aesthetically pleasing romance, only to crush the viewer into a million inconsolable pieces. And Netflix should reimburse me for the box of tissues and pint of ice cream that this show caused me to consume.

But if you’re brave enough to put yourself through the emotional turmoil that is the One Day Netflix series, as well as the 2011 film starring Anne Hathaway, here’s every reason why the series outshines the movie adaptation by far. Also this article has SPOILERS so read at your own discretion:

1.More Edinburgh content

Every University of Edinburgh student right now is 100% walking around like they’re the main character. It’s me, I’m the Edinburgh Uni student. But seriously, the shots around the city are so much nicer, they actually managed to film on a day that it was sunny, and the inclusion of Rankeillor Street is so accurate as Newington is THE student area.

2. Dex is actually not a dick

The biggest reason One Day the 2011 film was a tough watch wasn’t the tragic ending, it was Dex’s character simply existing. I’m sure Jim Sturgess is a nice guy but he played the role of an arrogant private school boy a little too well, and the fact someone like Emma would’ve had a crush on him didn’t make any sense.

In One Day the series, Dex played by Leo Woodall makes perfect sense. He portrays the male lead as likeable but lost, arrogant but kind, and, he’s pretty. Need I say more?

3. A chance to avoid Anne Hathaway’s Leeds accent

Ambika Mod slays the Leeds accent as well as the role as Emma Morley. Not only does she encapsulate the feeling of disorientation after graduating university, but she also provides hope to worried English Lit students everywhere. For more Ambika Mod you should watch This Is Going To Hurt on BBC iPlayer, although it will make you cry arguably more than One Day.

4. Cringe exposure therapy

I respect the acting in this series so much, because being able to capture the visceral cringe of one night stands, awkward encounters, and verbal slip ups in youth takes talent. The scene where Dex met Sylvie’s parents and hit her over the head in a game of Are You There, Moriarty? was the toughest watch I have ever experienced and made me want to curl up in a ball and never interact with a human ever again. But great acting though!

Also, the first scene where Dex and Emma go back to her flat and she just won’t stop talking gives me second hand embarrassment to a despicable degree. Ambika and Leo deserve jail time for putting me through that and also for being far too talented. If you have any friends that suffer from severe cringe, make them watch this if you want to help them get over it.

Ian’s dad jokes alone would be enough to wipe them out.

5. You understand why Sylvie and Dex actually like each other

The film presents Sylvie as this humourless adulterer that resents Dex. The series however, gives you a look at their love story, their humour together, and Dex telling her that he loves her for the first time.

You actually understand why they got married in the first place. Perhaps what makes the series superior to the film is the fact that the series has more time to explore all of these story lines and flesh out characters more, but that’s besides the point. The series is better, period.

6. The kiss in the maze

One Day

Emma and Dexter’s kiss in the maze had me screaming. One Day 2011 could never. What a bittersweet moment. After all of Emma’s endurance in waiting for Dexter to grow up and be ready for her, he goes and gets engaged to another woman. And not only that, but Sylvie is pregnant. Not a good day to be Emma Morley. But the kiss was so lovely and wholesome. Kissing in a maze? What in the Saltburn.

In conclusion:

And that wraps up six reasons why the One Day Netflix series is better than the 2011 film. Other than the complete and utter emotional devastation they both cause, they are very different adaptations of the story. My only critique of the series is that they didn’t change the ending and let Emma and Dexter live happily ever after, but I have a feeling that’s not what the author of the book intended.

One Day is available to watch on Netflix now. For more like this and all the latest Netflix drops and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook.

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