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This is Rigged activists occupied Holyrood Palace and ate at a restricted dining table

They held banners reading ‘The people are mightier than the Lord’ in Gaelic

Nine This Is Rigged campaigners made their way into the palace at 1.15pm on Monday carrying banners with Gaelic slogans reading “Is treasa tuath na tighearna”, which translates to “The people are mightier than the Lord” in English.

The campaigners crossed the barriers within the royal palace and sat down at a table where they began eating the food and drink they had brought along, and the right wing of the palace was made unavailable to the public, according to Edinburgh Live.

This is Rigged is calling for slashes in the prices of baby formula to March 2021 prices and demanding a fully funded and implemented community food hub for every 500 household from the Scottish Government.

The campaigners warned if spaces are not provided for people to get healthy nutritious meals, they will reclaim some spaces themselves. This is Rigged claims that one in every four Scot has experienced food insecurity, whilst 1,000 children are taken to hospital with malnutrition every year.

Glasgow student, Josephine O’Connor, said: “As the many crises that we are facing are continuing to worsen, it becomes more apparent that those with power are not coming to help, that profit once again reigns higher than people.”

Sorcha Ni Mhairtin, a Glasgow community food worker from Ireland, said: “The cost of food has risen dramatically, meaning many in Scotland face huge challenges in accessing appropriate food. I want the Government to take notice and to better-fund social infrastructures that support people to access food in a dignified manner.”

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