Tom and Molly have revealed exactly what they’re doing once they get back from the villa

And explained what they both really think of Callum

Love Island: All Stars winners Molly and Tom have revealed exactly what they plan to do after they leave the villa, and with $50,000 to spend they’ve both got a lot of options.

In their Love Island exit interview, Molly explained: “Tom is coming to Manchester. I can’t wait to go on normal dates and get back to reality.”

While Tom said: “I am moving back up North to be closer to my family, get back to football and hopefully back to Macclesfield F.C, if they will have me back.”

When asked what their biggest challenge in the villa was, Molly said: “Probably walking in and seeing the back of my ex’s head and living with him 24/7. At first it was weird and awkward but then towards the end, it was fine. We actually get on really well and Tom gets on with him which is great.”

Tom said: “In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t get on with him but me and Cal do get on. I think he’s a good lad. Do you know what I think it makes Mol more attractive that she can get on with Callum. I think the biggest challenge for me was not having contact with my family as I really miss them and can’t wait to see them when I get back home.”

Speaking about their Love Island experience as a whole, Molly said that the beginning of her journey was “pretty tragic.” She continued: “But when Tom came in it really turned for the better. I actually really enjoyed it after he came in. I had a great time.” Tom replied: “Mine was pretty plain sailing, I am not going to lie.

“I feel like I knew what I wanted before I came in and I went for that and then I came out with Moll! I like to stay out of the drama and I’m so happy to be with Molly.”

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