Newcastle University announces £250m scheme to demolish Castle Leazes accommodation block

The university have partnered with accommodation provider Unite Students, with demolition to begin this summer

A £250m scheme has been announced by Newcastle University to demolish their largest accommodation block, Castle Leazes.

The university has chosen to partner with Unite Students to demolish Castle Leazes and replace it with 2,000 new beds.

With demolition plans first reported in 2019, plans to take down the accommodation are set to start this summer, with the replacement expected to open in 2027 and 2028, reports ChronicleLive.

Castle Leazes, located in Spital Tongues, is a short walk to Newcastle University campus and has been home to thousands of students since 1969. It currently provides approximately 1,250 beds with en-suite and shared bathrooms as well as a canteen for catered students.

The university first had plans to demolish the halls and replace them in 2019. Dating back to 1969, the accommodation has been the home of tens of thousands of students over the last 50 years. Demolition plans are now set to start this summer, with the replacement expected to open in 2027 and 2028.

One of the largest providers of student accommodation in the UK, Unite Students is a Bristol-based company and runs different student accommodations across 20 cities in the UK. They currently operate five student halls in Newcastle and have agreed to a separate four year deal to replace Castle Leazes.

Nick Collins, executive director of finance at Newcastle University, said: “We are delighted to partner with Unite Students to redevelop Castle Leazes. This joint venture will provide high-quality, affordable accommodation for our students and help us continue to attract students from across the UK and around the world to Newcastle University and our city.”

Joe Lister, Unite Students chief executive officer, said: “Partnering with Newcastle University to redevelop Castle Leazes and deliver 2,000 beds of high-quality, affordable accommodation for students is a hugely exciting step for Unite Students. The partnership will provide further support to Newcastle University in meeting their accommodation needs at a time of real housing shortage, so that they can focus on providing a world-class experience for their students.”

The plans to replace Castle Leazes follow changes made in previous years when ageing halls were replaced by Park View in 2018. The growing number of students has enabled more accommodation increases in the last decade.

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