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Peggy suspected Georges of cheating on her with his ex, he SLAMS her claims as ‘slander’

She also revealed she was planning on proposing to him this year

Peggy has finally broken her silence over her and Georges’ unexpected breakup, claiming she suspected him of “being unfaithful” to her, accusations which Georges has strongly denied as “image damaging” and “slander.”

In an interview with The Sun Peggy explained her side of the story between her breakup with Georges, and even revealed she was “planning on proposing to him this year.”

She claims he ended the relationship with her and wasn’t ‘blindsided’ at all

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She says: “George ended things with me on the 30th January so for him to come out and say he was blindsided by my Instagram post is a load of rubbish. I wasn’t going to say anything about what he put me through but enough is enough and everyone deserves to know the truth.

“I never wanted to do a story about our relationship. I wanted to remain dignified but after he made up all that rubbish about me, I just want everyone to know the truth. I was heartbroken.”

Peggy became suspicious of him cheating when he took his ex-girlfriend to an event

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Georges fairly denies being unfaithful, with a source close to him saying he didn’t split with Peggy and “she just presumed”. Peggy claims she first thought he was cheating in December of last year when he took his ex girlfriend to an event and pretended she was a boy.

Shortly afterwards he took her to Winter Wonderland, but it was when he went to a Christmas party without Peggy, that she started to grow really suspicious.

She explains: “Every time I’m out he tells me ‘you must message me when you’re home.’ This night he never messaged me to say he was back at the hotel. I said ‘shall I meet you at the hotel’ and he was like, no, no, no I won’t be back until late’. He messaged me the next morning apologising that he didn’t message me.

“He denied spending the night with her. I was crying my eyes out. At this point I didn’t know it was his ex-girlfriend!” A few days later Peggy confronted him about it, and he admitted he had slept with the woman in the past.

“The anxiety of it all was impacting my mental health so I had to ask him what was wrong. He wasn’t messaging me back and was distant,” she says.

“Georges tells me he’s unhappy. I asked him ‘are you happy with us and our relationship? And he said ‘I don’t know’ it was him saying no. It was like a dagger to my heart and I said this to him on the phone to the point where I had to call him back because I was upset.” She says he refused to see her after that and told his friends and family it was over, something he denies.

Peggy was planning on proposing to Georges this year

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Peggy admitted: “I don’t have time to waste. I want a family and I want to get married.”She says she’s pleased it’s all come out and is over now because she was planning on marrying him again. She said: “To think I was going to propose to him as this year is a leap year.”

Georges has responded to her claims against him, accusing her of ‘slander’

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And since her interview came out, Georges has strongly denied all the accusations she made against him in the article describing them as “slander” and “image damaging.”

He responded to the accusations on Instagram saying: “A story has come out from The Sun which is factually incorrect in so many ways, the article that has been put out is slander and also image damaging. I’m also surprised by the depths of which Pehhy has gone to lie about our situation when all I gave was love to our relationship.

“I have never been unfaithful to Peggy, I never lied, and these statements are untrue and leave my heart broken even more than I already am.

“I never wanted our relationship to end and always defended Peggy even when her actions were unacceptable but these actions have proved that the relationship ending was the best thing for me. Love, Georges.”

Georges also included a picture of him and his friend Taylor, who could be the ex Peggy said he was “pretending to be a boy.”

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