Police officer fired after watching bodycam footage of Notts attacks victims being treated

The Special Constable was dismissed and has been barred from being a police officer

A Nottinghamshire Special Constable has been dismissed after it was found he watched video footage from a bodycam of the Nottingham attacks victims being treated by medics on the street after they had been stabbed.

The officer, who worked for the force as a volunteer, was discharged and barred from working as a police officer again after it was found that he had accessed the footage on his laptop, reports Nottinghamshire Live.

Grace O’Malley-Kumar and Barnaby Webber, both 19, were among the three victims of the Nottingham attacks last June, where they were fatally stabbed on Ilkeston Road by Valdo Calocane after a night out.

The officer viewed the bodycam footage on August 31st last year, but there is nothing to suggest he downloaded or shared any of the content.

Calocane was sentenced to an indefinite hospital order in January, having pleaded guilty to manslaughter on the basis of diminished responsibility. He was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia in 2019.

Calocane also fatally stabbed school caretaker Ian Coates, 65, before stealing his van and driving it into three pedestrians the same night, for which he was charged with three counts of attempted murder.

The response to the attacks by Nottingham has been subject to heavy criticism from the families of the victims, with the fathers of the two students branding it “ridiculous” that a toxicology report was carried out on Grace O’Malley-Kumar’s body, but not Calocane.

Police officers were disciplined after it was found that “crude and distasteful” messages about the attacks were being shared on a WhatsApp group chat, a fact which the victims’ families said was “added to the list of grave concerns and deceptions we have faced from this constabulary”.

The families have also called for a public inquiry into three agencies which were involved in the handling of the case, including the NHS and the Crown Prosecution Service.

Calocane’s sentence is set to be reviewed by the High Court after being deemed “unduly lenient”.

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