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Nathanial MAFS UK

Nathanial claims appearing on MAFS UK left him ‘unable to leave bed for two weeks’

Channel 4 has responded to his claims contestants were not ‘safeguarded’

Nathanial has claimed that appearing on MAFS UK left him with “social anxiety” due to the “horrible environment” of the experiment. He explained that directly after appearing on the show he developed “constant rashes of eczema all over my body and face” which left him unable to leave bed for two weeks.

He said in an interview with The Daily Mail: “I have been diagnosed with social anxiety, which impacts my sleep and concentration. After the show, I lost weight, I had constant rashes, and I was basically in bed for two weeks.

“I stepped back from my life and looked at the things which are the most important to me including my friends, my chosen family… and I took everything I thought was toxic out of my life. It was clear after I didn’t come back for the most recent reunion that I wouldn’t film again… I actually haven’t had much contact with Channel 4 since the show launched in September.

“I didn’t want to be around those people or the producers, it was a toxic, horrible environment and I didn’t want to be part of it.”


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Nathanial warned Channel 4 they need to “safeguard” the MAFS UK cast better, and that the channel only cares about creating entertainment.

He added: “I just really hope Channel 4 safeguard the contestants this year. I understand they’re out to make TV but it’s your life, a producer gets to go home and sleep but it is a very hard thing to do. My advice to any future contestants is that the person in front of you at the altar is your partner in this so learn, listen and respect each other.

“The production and story aren’t on your side, they’re there to create entertainment… and to Channel 4, there needs to be a specialist welfare team, welfare can’t be the people that book you and cast you, welfare needs to be a different company that comes in to monitor and look after you. They need to be external.

“You’re crying to your welfare but they’re best friends with production and work with them. Something needs to change. They need to create a more realistic and heartfelt show.”

Via Channel 4

In full they said: “During production and broadcast we regularly offered Nathanial psychological support and an independent therapist of his own choice. This offer remains open and ongoing. Duty of care is of paramount importance and the wellbeing of all cast and crew is our utmost priority at all times, throughout production and beyond.

“We have robust contributor care protocols in place and appropriate support is available to contributors before, during and after the broadcast, including access to an independent psych team.”

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