Cambridge University invested millions in companies supporting Israel’s military operation

Trinity College is one of the wealthiest at Cambridge with investments in companies globally

Trinity College has invested millions of dollars in arms companies, including Israel’s largest arms company, Elbit Systems.

The University of Cambridge’s wealthiest college made investments until the end of 2023 in American, British and Japanese companies which are directly involved in Israel’s current military operations.

A Freedom of Information Act found that Trinity invested £61,735 in Elbit Systems, which produces 85 per cent of the drones and land-based equipment used by the Israeli army, Middle East Eye reports.

Trinity College is one of the wealthiest Cambridge Colleges, with over a billion in assets and investments in companies globally, including the O2 Arena in London.

Trinity College also has investments of approximately £2.5 million in US company Caterpillar which has been under scrutiny for its supply of bulldozers to Israel. In 2003, a Caterpillar bulldozer was “directly involved” in the death of Rachel Corrie, which was ruled officially as an accident.

In March 2022, Trinity College announced a £250,000 relief fund for “future Trinity and Cambridge students from Ukraine facing hardship arising from the invasion of their country”.

Talking about the fund Professor Emma Widdis said: “I am so glad to see Trinity take a lead in Cambridge in addressing the humanitarian catastrophe unfolding in Ukraine”. The college also committed to “divesting from holdings in Russia as soon as possible”.

No similar initiative has been established for students facing challenges due to the situation in Israel and Gaza.

The International Court of Justice recently ruled that Israel must “take all measures within its power” to prevent the genocide of Palestinians in Gaza as a result of the case brought forward by South Africa.

The Secretary General of Amnesty International has said: “The USA, UK, Germany and other EU states must signal their respect for the Court’s legally binding decision and do everything in their power to uphold their obligation to prevent genocide.”

The student group, Demilitarise Cambridge, has been critical of Cambridge University’s involvement in the arms industry. They have challenged Cambridge University’s relationship with BAE Systems, Rolls Royce, ExxonMobile, Siemens and Hitachi. According to the group, these companies are listed as “funding partners” or “industry partners” by the university.