Erica confirms split with Jordan as he says there ‘doesn’t have to be a villain in a breakup’

And there’s no ‘bad blood’ between them

After reports yesterday that Erica and Jordan from MAFS UK had ended their relationship, the two confirmed the news via their Instagram stories. Both Erica and Jordan were “disappointed” they couldn’t share the news on their own terms but clarified it there is “no bad blood” and no “villain” between the MAFS UK pair.

Via Instagram

Erica confirmed the breakup on her story: “It’s disappointing that Jordan and I weren’t able to share this on our own terms due to the press leak but we would just like to confirm that we are no longer together.

“This hasn’t been an easy decision for us both as we really wanted to make our relationship work. I truly wish him all the best and there is no bad blood between us.”

Via Instagram

Jordan later put out his own statement saying:”Yes sadly we are not together anymore but not because of the reunion. It’s very sad the way this has come out and I’m not sure where it’s come from.

“But there is a lot of noise coming from people who know nothing about what has happened… the reunion was filmed around 5 months ago and we have had great and special memories since then, some of them you’ve seen on our social media.

“There doesn’t always have to be a villain in a break up and I just ask for everyone not to look for one. This is all I will say for now, I will speak again when the time is right but for now… I will be around those people who really know me.”

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Erica and Jordan have reportedly split after their MAFS UK relationship turned ‘toxic’

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