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Revealed: More than half of Cambridge University students are addicted to vaping

Does anyone else smell fizzy cherry in the library?

Crushbridge to the dark and mysterious boy reading Sartre while puffing watermelon ice in the Arc Cafe.

Sounds like a joke? Well, it shouldn’t. More than half of Cambridge students are addicted to vaping, a new survey conducted by The Tab shows.

Every year, The Tab runs a survey of over 6,000 students to find out the drug and vaping habits at different universities. In this year’s survey, a shocking 52 per cent of Cambridge students admitted they are addicted to vaping.

Crazy, right? And what is even wilder is that Juuls are named as Cambridge’s vape of choice. A little bit last five years, if you ask me!

While Cambridge students might be unique in their choice of vape (Lost Marys were the most popular with students countrywide), they certainly aren’t alone in their addiction. The survey revealed that 57 per cent of UK students can’t go without their vape.

If you were surprised by the fact 52 per cent of Cambridge students are addicted to vaping, you might be astounded to hear that, for students at Northumbria, the figure sits at 74 per cent. I wonder if their lecture halls smell like cool mint.

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