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Peggy brands Georges a ‘liar’ over claims he ‘paid for everything’ in their relationship

‘I don’t need a guy to provide for me’

In their unending breakup feud, Peggy has clapped back at the claims of Georges, who said that the MAFS UK star made him “pay for everything” in their relationship.

During an Instagram Q&A, one fan asked Peggy if Georges did have to pay for everything, and Peggy responded. She explained: “No, more lies, I think hopefully you guys are seeing the theme now. Most of the hotels and restaurants we went to are complimentary gifted anyway, those that are in the social media influencing world will know that.

“I’m not really sure how Georges spent thousands on what, where, what did we do? And how would he be able to spend thousands of pounds, like how would he be able to pay for everything like seriously? I paid my way, I work hard for my money. I don’t need a guy to provide for me, never have done and never will do.”


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It comes after Georges accused Peggy of “paying for nothing when we were together” and said that during her birthday trip to Paris he spent “£1,000 in three days.” Georges said: “Right now, I’m really tight for cash. She paid for nothing when we were together. I can’t afford it… I’ve had no income since May. I told her, I don’t have all the money in the world. We went to Paris for her birthday a month ago, and I spent £1,000 in three days.

“There was one night when we celebrated Arthur’s birthday and she told me to book a hotel, saying we never stay in hotels, so I booked one, I drove, paid for parking, drinks, I spent over £500 and she didn’t stay in the hotel with me.

“She went home saying she wasn’t feeling well after she insisted on me paying for a hotel… She honestly never offered to pay for anything.”


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Peggy also explained why she had decided not to watch the MAFS UK reunion, branding Georges as a “liar.” She said: “I just wanted to say I hope you all enjoy the MAFS reunion tonight, sadly I won’t be watching it because I can’t bear to see me be a fool and me be with a liar and I am gutted because I feel like I have let you all down and it will just be really hard to watch it.

“I hope you all enjoy it. I absolutely loved it when I was there in the moment, in love. I thought it was love, but… the truth will come out, that’s all I can say. And I believe in karma.”

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