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Olivia Rodrigo GUTS outfits

Olivia Rodrigo’s GUTS tour outfits, ranked by how hard they served

Talk about GUTSy fashion

Olivia Rodrigo has literally been the it girl since she released Drivers License in 2021 for all the girls to scream at volume to. She just gets girlhood, and just get us… and our rage. We have all watched her grow from her days on Disney to her now sold out World Tour! With the price of £100 to see her at the O2, we expected to see her serve in her fits.

We are all glad to know that she has left behind her Disney wardrobe from the days of the questionable red carpets. At 21 she definitely embraces all things glitter and sparkle and is all over everyone’s TikTok right now thanks to her unreal GUTS tour wardrobe choices.

So, as we all get hyped to see Olivia dance, sing, and even float up to the sky on a giant moon when GUTS hits the UK in May, here is a list of her best GUTS tour outfits, ranked by just how hard they serve:

Glitter Jumpsuit

This outfit is so Guts coded. The pink-red shimmer playsuit is just so girl. The red against her dark hair, not only is her hair giving mermaid, but it just so flattering on her. She wore the Pink in Houston, but seems to switch up which playsuit she wears depending on her mood. Paired with Doc Martens and star opaque tights epitomises angsty teen. With the purple guitar, she is living her pop star dream.

It’s the kind of outfit that screams Olivia’s signature style across this tour: fierce, confident and sparkly. She is shimmering under the lights and dancing across the stage. Paired with those iconic Olivia Doc Martens, and sparkle tights, this sets the standard for her style over the tour.


Black Two-Piece with Fishnets