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Francesca Scorcese

Introducing Francesca Scorsese: Hollywood’s best nepo baby who keeps going viral on TikTok

Maybe nepo babies aren’t always the worst

At 81, it would be fair to assume that Martin Scorsese is not at the forefront of Gen Z trends – but with the help of a new and booming Letterboxd account, hangouts with Timothee Chalamet and a daughter who keeps him up to date with all the latest TikTok fads, Marty has become an icon all over again.

The mastermind behind all of these is Francesca Scorcese, film student and all-round girlboss who shot to fame on TikTok after getting her film legend dad involved in her videos. A self-proclaimed nepo-baby with godparents and uncles including Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert DeNiro, the Oscars regular has become an overnight sensation as people demand more content of her octogenarian father being baffled by Gen Z phrases like “sneaky link”. No, Marty, it does not mean a “personal peccadillo” (???)

From acting school to Marvel pranks, here’s everything you need to know about rising star Francesca Scorsese:

She’s passionate about showing the human side of her father


He lowkey slayed. #fyp #martinscorsese #dadsoftiktok #dadguesses

♬ original sound – Francesca

Seriously, Francesca is nothing short of a genius for masterminding that Chanel ad with Timothee Chalamet – Gen Z’s on TikTok wished he was their dad for WEEKS. Working closely with his PR team to promote new releases and posting TikTok videos such as a compilation of him with the caption “certified silly goose”, she has given him a whole new scope of relatability.

She was exposed to cinema early (obv) 


In case you can’t tell, we really love 2001: A Space Odyssey @Letterboxd #fyp #martinscorsese #movieranking

♬ Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) – ABBA

From shooting her first footage when she was just three years old and making home videos with her dad to hearing explicit scenes from Wolf of Wall Street being edited whilst she did her homework, it’s no surprise that Francesca got the cinephile gene.

Apparently, weekends in the Scorsese household were incomplete without pizza and film nights, which formed Francesca’s wide knowledge of classic cinema.

Apparently, weekends in the Scorsese household were incomplete without pizza and film nights, which formed Francesca’s wide knowledge of classic cinema.

The Muse @Oscar #fyp #martinscorsese #oscar #schnauzer #oscartheschnauzer #dadsoftiktok #leonardodicaprio #robertdeniro #margotrobbie #michellepfeiffer #ellenburstyn #paulnewman #muse #dogsoftiktok #doglover #acting #director

♬ original sound – Francesca

Nepo babies have been a controversial part of Hollywood in the last year or so, with some celeb offspring outright rejecting the title. Francesca, on the other hand, is fully embracing it – stating she has a duty to be “the best nepo baby she can be.” Really, she lives the life we all would in her position, living in LA with her besties and two dogs, granting her adoring followers occasional hilarious content of her dad, and “spoiling the f*** out of her friends.”

She’s not afraid to tease her dad over those Marvel comments


I will probably regret posting this but…. he actually did much better than I thought!!🤣martinscorsese guesstheobjectchallenge fyp greenscreen

♬ Spongebob Tomfoolery – Dante9k Remix – David Snell

It’s safe to say Martin Scorsese probably doesn’t join the queues of Marvel fans who wait outside cinemas at 3am with bated breath for the hundredth instalment of Spiderman. In fact, he has slammed the MCU several times, calling it “not cinema” and urging people to “fight back” against it. Brutal, right?

But that hasn’t stopped Francesca from wrapping all his birthday presents in superhero wrapping paper, much to the delight of TikTok watchers who begged her to get him a Marvel cake to go with. She opted instead for a shared birthday cake adorned with cut outs of them both and Gen Z slang in a call-back to their viral video. One side simply states “we slay birthdays” – so true guys x

She already has an impressive filmography


He really threw me a curveball there 😫 #greenscreenvideo #martinscorsese #flea #parentsoftiktok

♬ Spongebob Tomfoolery – Dante9k Remix – David Snell

From playing various unnamed characters in her father’s 2000s blockbusters to starring alongside Timothee Chalamet in Bones and All (2022), I am more and more desperate to see Francesca’s contact list. Not to mention that Calvin Klein campaign she did in 2021 with Dominic Fike and Kaia Gerber, or her own directorial works which have brought her connections spanning across the entertainment capital. She is determined to gain recognition on her own merit, though, auditioning for Luca Guadagnino’s We Are Who We Are in 2020 under a false surname.

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