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MAFS Australia Jack

MAFS Australia icon Tahnee has just absolutely laid into Jack over his behaviour

She did not hold back

Last night Jack revealed that he had been in a relationship when he applied to be on MAFS Australia, and alumni Tahnee Cook has some pretty damning thoughts on his behaviour.

She explained in an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle that his actions were a “red flag” and that “these men never learn.” She said: “The first dinner party of course was full of drama – at the centre of it being a discussion around Jack dumping his ex-girlfriend to be on MAFS. Again, this was just copy and paste from Bronte and Harrison.


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“The timelines are very iffy here because Jack would have for sure been in a relationship with this woman during the application process. It took 3-4 months when I applied for MAFS and I’m sure it would’ve been a similar timeline for Jack.

“I, personally, feel you should’ve been single for AT LEAST 6 months before applying for the show. Any less is just a red flag in my opinion. Jack gives us the most cliché spiel about his ex being ‘crazy’ and it just makes me wonder: do these men ever learn?

“Painting a picture that your ex is crazy is just so overdone it’s honestly boring. Putting myself in this woman’s shoes, I’d be so hurt if someone I was dating broke it off with me to jump straight into a dating TV show.”

Someone get Tahnee in MAFS Australia again to put Jack in his place!

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