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Side-eye to singing: Ryan Gosling’s most viral 2024 award’s season moments

Someone free this man

I think we can all agree that every single one of us fell in love with Ryan Gosling when watching that final scene in Damien Chazelle’s La La Land. We all know what I’m talking about: the looking over his shoulder, the teary eyes and the heart-breaking little nod of acknowledgement. 

Then Ryan became a feminist icon when he played the hilarious role of ‘Ken’ in Greta Gerwig’s Barbie which came out in July last year. His job was “beach” (whatever that means) and he wore the cutest cowboy fit ever.

But this 2024 awards season, many of us have fallen head over heels for Ryan, yet again with his heart-warming and amusingly outrageous behaviour at various ceremonies so far. So, as we gear up for the Oscars, here are all the times Ryan Gosling has proved he really is ‘Kenough’ everywhere from the Golden Globes to the Critics’ Choice Awards: 

The Golden Globes 

On the 8th of January, Gosling went and put the ‘golden’ in ‘globes’. Engaging with the incredible post-Barbie feminist frenzy, our second-favourite male-barbie-doll-in-human-form (after Alan, duh) proved that Gerwig’s Barbie movie has, perhaps, forever changed ideas around feminism and male attitudes towards women’s achievements. 

Anyone ever had a dream where they’re in the midst of a stand-up comedy routine and a joke absolutely bombs? No, just me? Well, this was the reality for American actor and ‘comedian’ Jo Koy, who decided that it would be funny to tear down Gerwig’s work and put a sexist spin on the success of the Barbie Movie. He completely missed the message of the film, comparing it to Oppenheimer, saying that Barbie was just  “‘a plastic doll with big boobs”.

Whilst Gerwig responded maturely and sympathetically to his childish sexism, the uneasy tension in the audience after the “joke” was palpable. A double-parked Taylor Swift sipped champagne with a dead-pan expression, Selena Gomez put her head in her hands and Ryan Gosling pulled a face which had “what made you think that was funny” written all over it. 

The Critics’ Choice Awards