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MAFS Australia Lauren editing error

This huge MAFS Australia editing error proves Lauren’s narrative is being manipulated

I genuinely cannot believe they did this?!

Umm, so a really odd MAFS Australia editing error has just been exposed which proves that the narrative the show is portraying about Lauren being a party animal is being manipulated somewhat.

During the very first episode of MAFS Australia, Lauren is seen drinking from a wine glass during one of her interviews and it definitely helped cement her status as a party animal. Lauren is talking about a “messy” trip she recently made to Bali whilst drinking a slightly mysterious-looking green liquid from the wine glass.

But it turns out it was a major editing error fail as MAFS Australia bride Lauren wasn’t actually drinking wine at all but plain water. Yep, there was absolutely no wine in that glass.

When the image was put through photoshop it revealed that the liquid in the glass had been edited with a filter to look green, despite being clear.

Via Yahoo Lifestyle

Former Married At First Sight star Hayley Vernon commented on the post that exposed the editing error, writing: “And this is how they potentially wreck lives but make you sign a contract to which the first line states “we are not responsible for how you are portrayed.”

A show source told Yahoo Lifestyle: “Alcohol consumption is very closely monitored on reality TV, especially a show like this. It’d be highly unlikely they’d have someone drinking during a casual sit-down interview in the day like this, although not entirely impossible.”

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