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MAFS Australia KitKats

Here’s why there were so many KitKats in last night’s MAFS Australia episode

Really craving one now

If you watched MAFS Australia last night you might have noticed that there seemed to be an unusually high number of KitKats being consumed by the cast members in early every scene. It led to an onslaught of viewers flocking to Twitter to ask why so many KitKats were appearing on the show.

And there’s a pretty good reason for why so many appeared according to Redditors. Apparently as part of the contract for when the show airs in the US KitKats have to be included in the episodes as a form of product placement.

What is up with the Kit Kat product placement?
byu/labananza inMAFS_AU

Product placement is a common aspect of shows such as MAFS with last year’s season being famously sponsored by Magnum Ice Cream. Whilst another Redditor suspected they might have just been the hotel chocolates I feel like there’s no way the hotel would give you a full-size KitKat to eat. That and the fact all of the MAFS Australia cast were eating KitKats non-stop throughout the show makes me think the producers definitely wanted us to see the chocolate being eaten.

There also seems to be a slightly suspicious prevalence of KFC being mentioned, and whilst I also love a big bucket of chicken it does seem to be brought up a lot by Lauren.

And with that, I now have a huge hankering for a KitKat and some KFC, so clearly it worked!

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