Dropping the beat, not the venues: The student’s guide to rescuing Liverpool’s dance music hotspots

Discover how YOU can actively contribute to safeguarding Liverpool’s iconic dance music venues!

After the devastating news of Melodic Distraction’s abrupt closure, the question on our minds is: How can we, as students, ensure Liverpool’s nightlife stays vibrant? Let’s explore strategies to prevent setbacks and sustain the cultural scene, hearing from some of the top venues across Liverpool and their suggestions for YOU!

There’s no question that the beating heart of Liverpool’s scene is the community of venues and promoters that work tirelessly to keep things in motion. Catching up with Maxim from Meraki, he shared some insight into the current situation, explaining the effects of the pandemic on the night out scene and said: “We have seen a really big drop in attendance since coming out of Covid and even more so now the cost of living crisis has developed further. From our recent surveys the data also shows that we have almost no first year students attending and that the average age of ravers is 21 to 25.”

So why is it we’re not using our student loans right and immersing ourselves in this cool, underground culture? Is it we just don’t know enough of what’s out there? By following these accounts below you can find out what events are on in Liverpool, tailored to you and your mates’ tastes:

24 Kitchen Street:

It is a notorious venue amongst student circles hosting some of the best even quirkiest events (we see you BeyBlade Soc!). From themed nights that push the boundaries of imagination to cutting-edge performances by emerging artists, there’s always something fresh and exciting happening at this vibrant locale. By hitting that Instagram follow button, you’ll gain exclusive access to all their latest happenings, making it the perfect gateway to immerse yourself in Liverpool’s electrifying music scene.

UOL Dance Music Society & LMJU DJ Society:

via Instagram @uoldancemusicdjsoc

Both UoL and LJMU have amazing DJ societies that keep us up to date with the Liverpool dance scene. These societies don’t just cater to seasoned DJs; they run amazing socials welcoming all, whether you’re a budding mixer yourself or just love the tunes. This is a great way to meet like-minded people within the community who are more than happy to take you in and show you the ways of raving.


With the long-awaited night bus finally coming back, there is no excuse for students to not check out Meraki. Based on a club in Berlin with an amazing garden, this venue is an insane night out! Hosting some of the best DJs from across the world you would be stupid to not check this out. The club’s Instagram is kept up to date regularly with all their events plus, with convenient transportation options now available, diving into Liverpool’s electrifying music scene has never been easier or more enticing!

Sydney Jones Toilets:

Hear me out. Ever catch yourself looking at one of them sick promotional posters in the toilets while staring into space drying your hands? Why not check one of the events out? It’s such a great way to network at uni, meet new people, and make new friends. After all, SKINT is getting boring now. Embrace the opportunity to step into the rhythm of something new.

So whether you like techno, garage, jungle, drum and bass, house, tech house, hardcore, trance, acid house…the list goes on and on. There’s no excuse for you to not try something different, branch out your music taste, and more importantly support your local community.

If that can be done while having a good time with your mates surrounded by some of the best music, why wouldn’t you?

We hope to see you down the front!

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