Coventry University will use AI to teach business because course ‘isn’t worth the time’

A leaked email explained that the initiative will allow lecturers to focus on more ‘beneficial’ work

Coventry University will be using AI to teach business management (BA) lectures after deeming that the course “isn’t worth lecturers’ time”.

A leaked email sent to university staff revealed that after trialling the new method, lectures will be replaced with AI guided slides “effective immediately”.

The initiative is in an effort to not to waste lecturers’ intelligence on “inferior” courses, allowing them to engage in more “meaningful” and “beneficial” work at the university.

Business management lectures will be delivered by AI effective immediately, with the system providing both visual and audio components which the university explained will provide “an immersive and interactive learning experience for our students.”

The email also outlined that the initiative will ensure lectures are delivered with “consistency and quality”, while also providing students with “access to the latest technological advancements in education”.

April, a third year business management student at Coventry University told The Coventry Tab that she was in favour of the new initiative. She said: “Good for the uni. Those lectures are dead anyway, I can’t remember the last time I even went to one.”

First year business student, Jules, agreed. She said: “Yeah I’m surprised they’re still running the course to be fair. If you’re coming to Coventry University to study business management you need to have a long hard look in the mirror.”

Not all students were in favour of the plans to scrap lecturers. One student, James, said he’d miss in-person teaching. He said: “I get that it’s to save money and lecturers’ time but this news couldn’t be worse for me. My lecturer is low-key fit.”

You should probably check the date, you April fools!