Exeter University bans Sambas from Students’ Guild calling loose shoelaces a safety hazard

SU staff and security will check every students’ footwear on entry

The University of Exeter has banned Adidas Sambas from the Students’ Union after deeming them to be a safety hazard due to the shoelaces being prone to coming undone.

In a leaked email sent to staff, a senior SU staff member explained that the ban would not apply to all Adidas trainers, but that an increased SU staff and security presence would monitor students entering the SU and deny entry to those wearing Sambas.

Those wearing Adidas Superstars, Spezials and Gazelles are said to still be allowed entry.

The email said that the ban has been implemented “effective immediately” and that the decision was made to “maintain a safe environment inside the SU”.

April, a fashion marketing student at the University of Exeter, told The Exeter Tab her outrage over the new rule. She said: “I own four pairs of Sambas – is the SU going to refund me for them? If I can’t wear them in the SU, what’s the point? I wouldn’t be caught dead in Spezials, I’m not a freak.”

Jules, a second year media student, explained that she understood the rule, due to owning a pair of Sambas herself and confirmed that the laces do indeed come loose often. She said: “I get it, my laces on my sambas are stained grey because they come undone so often. I’m still going to wear them though, all the staff in the SU are like 30 so they won’t be able to tell the difference.”

You should probably check the date, you April fools!

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