Oxford Brookes to introduce vape rooms in all buildings to stop students vaping in lectures

Each room will be fitted with a ventilation system to ensure air quality and ‘user comfort’

Oxford Brookes University will introduce designated vape rooms on all campus buildings to combat students vaping in lectures.

A leaked email sent to university staff explained that the rooms have been created as a solution to the “disruption and discomfort” caused by vaping in prohibited areas.

It added that, whilst students have a right to make their own choices, this initiative provides a solution that “balances the needs and preferences of all members of the community”.

The email confirmed that each university building will be installed with a vape room from April 8th and that the rooms will be fitted with ventilation systems to ensure air quality and “user comfort”.

April, a business student and avid vaper, told The Tab Brookes that she ‘s not sure the idea will work. She said: “If the uni expects me to sit through a whole hour lecture without puffing on my Lost Mary, it’s mad. I’m not about to sit and puff in a little room like a convict. It will probably be full of Blue Razz losers anyway.”

Third year mathematics student, Jules, was more open to the idea, saying: “Why not? If it stops me choking on bubblegum clouds during algebra then I’m all for it. Plus, it’s an easy way to single out all the saddos who vape. I say we round them up and lock them in there for good.”

You should probably check the date, you April fools!

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