Poole Gateway Building to be knocked down as it’s considered ‘inferior’ to Fusion Building

Bournemouth University will demolish the building due to staff and students’ preference of Fusion

The Poole Gateway Building on Talbot Campus is set to be knocked down as it has been deemed “inferior” to the Fusion Building.

Despite only opening in spring 2020, and seeing little use until the autumn semester, the Poole Gateway Building will be demolished this summer.

In a leaked email, the university explained that all operations within the Gateway building will be moved elsewhere and that ultimately, the demolition decision was made due to the superior services offered by Fusion.

While the university didn’t outline how long demolition would take, it reassured staff that it would “endeavor to minimize any disruptions during the demolition process and ensure that alternative arrangements are in place where necessary”.

Despite boasting two industry standard multi-camera TV studios, a sound stage, music studios, mini cinema, edit suites, and green screen room, the building has been deemed “unnecessary for the university’s operations”.

Fusion’s sustainable, eco-forward approach has been praised by students, who are in support of the university’s decision to demolish the Gateway Building. April, a second year student believed that it wouldn’t really be that missed: “The Gateway is only really used by the television students. As for Fusion, the indoor trees and the teaching space it offers to students of all faculties make it the real pride and joy of Talbot Campus.”

She told The Bournemouth Tab: “Fusion’s sustainable, eco-forward approach makes it a much more suitable building to maintain.”

Other students expressed their enthusiasm for the demolition plans. First year anthropology student, Marie Schelly, asked: “Does anyone care? Poole Gateway is so far away, and Fusion has the best food.”

Marie’s classmate, Paul Gaytweigh, agreed: “PGB doesn’t even have sofas. It would be foolish not to get rid of it!”

Comparatively, some students expressed sadness at the news. Second year television production student Kristen Bayle said: “I’m gutted, I don’t know how I’m going to complete my third year without the studio space.”

Russel Cotts, a third year film student said “It’s shocking, Bournemouth’s media courses have been so popular.”

Following the leaked email, it’s now been rumoured that there will be even more bees added to the Fusion roof after hives have been removed from Gateway ahead of the demolition.

Rip Poole Gateway. They hate to see a pretty girl winning.

You should probably check the date, you April fools!

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