Sussex Uni introduces compulsory office wear in library to prepare students for employment

A leaked email explained students would be denied entry to the library if they didn’t dress to code

The University of Sussex has introduced compulsory dress code that will require students to wear office wear in the library in an effort to prepare students for the working world.

A leaked email sent to university staff explained that the new dress code has been implemented due to the large majority of students who attend the library in casual clothing. The rule has therefore been created to ensure students’ “smooth” transition from university to working life.

The email explained that the policy is “effective immediately” and is inclusive to staff, meaning all University of Sussex lecturers and library staff are required to adhere.

Students will be denied entry to the library on failure to meet the dress code.

Second year fashion marking student, April, told The Sussex Tab that the new rule is “an infringement on our rights”. She said: “I’m not being funny but I’m literally a fashion student. I don’t wear Ultra Mini Uggs and Adanola hoodies for a laugh, I have to look mint.”

But not all students are against the dress code. Jules, a third year geography student said she thinks the new policy will be beneficial and that some Sussex students should be embarrassed by what they wear to uni and the library. She said: “Thank god, some of the sights I see in the library are embarrassing. There are so many chavs here, hopefully this will mean they actually have to go and buy some trousers and a tie.”

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